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We believed in Divine healing, Signs and Wonders, Power beyond power. Everything is possible by Supernatural means. Strengthen your faith with our daily Bible readings and charity programs. Know that God loves you and that even today, His words are greatly helpful in every person’s weaknesses and problems.

You are never alone in your down times, you have us and God Himself. And if you are someone who desires the Word to be spread to the world, we are here for you as well fighting the same holy cause.

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Divine Surgery For The World PROPHECY

Prophecy For 2021 by Apostle General ADELAJA

2021 A Year of Establishment and Accomplishments

Believe the Lord Your God and Believe His Prophet 2 Chronicles 20:20

These Will happen in Someone’s Life:
  • This Year The Lord will make rooms for you REHOBOTH Gen 26: 12-22
  • Your Year Of Merriment Without Pain or Striving With Anyone
  • Your Struggled Will End
  • You Will Have Peace Day and Night
  • You Will Receive Hundredfold and The Lord Will Bless You Tremendously and Mightily
  • You Will Become Richer and Richer and Move Forward and Grow Until You Will Become A Man Of Great Wealth
  • You Will Have Good Success And Prosperity, Possessions Of Properties, Cars
  • Men And Women Will Favour You And Serve You
  • You Will Be Enlarged and Fruitful In The Land Where You Dwell
  • You Will Become An Embodiment Of LOVE ( All Your Sins Will Be Covered )
  • Men and Women Will Envious Of You ! Amen and Amen.

Daily Bible Readings

We prepared a few Bible verses for your everyday reading. Let this help you in the struggle you face.


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Be inspired and spiritually empowered by the preaching of God’s word and the prayers of the faithful.


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Inspire others by joining us! Share with us and to the world your experience with the Lord and His gospel.


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Let us know about you and your relationship with God. Tell us how he has blessed you!


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