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At Divine Surgery For The World, we provide biblical based counselling. Get an advice from our professional and spiritual leaders.

Under this body, we will have the following sub-bodies:

  • preacher and young adults having bible studyImmigration Awareness: One of the biggest challenges facing most migrants is finding how to regularise their stay in the United Kingdom and staying relevant. Most of them have been duped by greedy lawyers who see them as cows to be milked off their hard-earned money hence why we will be stepping in to help these people. We will offer people right information and direct them to the right solicitors or immigration advisory that will help them in regularising their status instead of been in the country illegally. We use expertise from our team who are well versed in the current immigration laws being run in the United Kingdom.NOTE: We do not give immigration advice.
  • Family mediation: Family feud has far-reaching consequences for individuals and the society at large hence our team will be working together to ensure we help fighting families come to a resolution and live at peace with each other.
  • Conflict Resolution: We will help resolve conflicts between warring parties in order to foster a lovely and peaceful society for all and sundry. A conflict might arise between employers and employees, religious leaders and their congregations etc and it is our hope to help bring resolution to these conflicts.
  • Marriage Counselling: The rate of divorce these days is quite alarming and many marriages will be saved if only there were counsellors in place to listen to the concerns of both partners and help bring a resolution. When divorce happens, it is not only the partners that suffer but children, friends, and family also share the pain hence why we will be working hard to ensure marriages remain strong and intact by offering good counsels.
  • Domestic Abuse: Domestic abuse is the excessive use of control on another in any relationship. It can be between married partners, parents and their children etc. It can take the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse and sexual abuse with the results leaving its victims scarred and scared and if not addressed can leave them dysfunctional. We aim to help victims of such abuse by helping them heal and re-integrate properly into the society. We will help them build their trust and ensure they move on to achieve greater things in their lives.
  • Child Abuse and Negligence: Records show that many children go through abuse and are neglected by their parents which invariably affects their growth and development. Therefore, it is our duty to ensure such children are well catered for so as to safeguard their minds and enable them to become all they want to be.
  • Rehabilitation: The toughest challenge for most people is how they stand back on their feet after a major setback, setbacks might range from being jailed, a major illness, loss of properties and goods etc. Therefore, we aim to help such people stand back up on their feet and remain strong.
  • Mentorship: We will run mentorship programmes to help the young cultivate the right skills and mindset needed to become all they want to be.