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We aim to help the underprivileged individuals and families to improve the quality of their life through education, health promotion, media empowerment, and other skilled and practical learning.
  • a group of religious peopleMind Education: Education is vital to the progress of any nation and the United Kingdom is not exempt. It is also important to note that education is not limited to any particular age, gender, and nationality. We aim to help those who seem to be under-privileged to also improve the quality of their life by being educated. We will give out scholarships, offer weekend tutoring to pupils helping them with their school homework whilst also teach them the application of whatever knowledge they garnered over the week, provide adult education to the aged and also teach them basic computing skills to enable them to integrate well in a society driven by technology.
  • Health Promotion: Health is vital to the success of any human being. Like the famous Ecclesiastes writer once said, “When there is life, there is hope” and life is only prolonged when there is good health. We aim to help those in the society whose health and mental state has been affected not only because of the self- harm they brought upon themselves but also that which was inflicted on them by other people. Our organisation aims to help alcoholics, prostitutes, diabetic whilst also offering palliative care and disability support to the needy parties.
  • Media: We will be using media outreaches like the television, radio and social to reach more people with our empowerment programs teaching values, honour, health, business and educating the minds of people about happenings around them. This will enable us to make a far-reaching impact on a wide range of people.
  • Technical and Maintenance: This body will be in charge of the smooth running of the centre whilst also assisting whenever we have programmes like the food bank programmes or mentorship programmes. The people in this body will consist of people like cooks, cleaners, electricians, and planners.