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Last week: Is There Anything Missing in My Life?
If you are not married? Something is Missing. Living with someone without marriage, single mother.
Marriage with trauma & tension, God of Peace will give you peace.

Joblessness, lack of wisdom, good health, houses, illegal immigrant in the country you reside, 2, 3, 5 years visa, indefinite stay is missing, living in abject poverty.

What is missing in your life? Do you have sold protection? (Psalms 91; Psalms 27). If enemies come in one way scatter in 7 ways.

Have you lost your husband to a strange woman or your manhood because of diabetic, your wife due to illness, something called terminal, You need Eternal life John 10:10b.

Have you lost your vision, dream, gifts? you will have it back, people will rejoice with you.

Are you lacking Holy Ghost, word of God in your life, Power, your identity or valuable document? Masters qualification (Acts 1:8).

Peter a timid man before Holy Ghost, later become a courageous man (Act 2: 4).

We have famous prophets without power, also we have powerful prophet without been famous.

Every lost thing elevates you because Satan always attacks valuable thing. But thanks be to God for Romans 8:28-30. You need to look for a prophet.

Whatever is missing in your life, you must look for it desperately just like Saul looking for Ass (1 Sam 9:3,6).


Authority has opened the book of remembrance unto me now like Mordecai (Esther 6).

Every power sitting down in the office deciding my case must favour me now.

Lord, I will not be a yesterday millionaire, landlord, landlady.

Lord, I pray against premature death (Abiku agba).

Lord, grant me the favour of Great shepherd of heaven, heavenly mother and earthly mother’s like Samuel and Jesus (1 Samuel 2: 26; Luke 2: 52).

I will not be a young widow/widower, any power that says no paralyse and die premature.

I pray for you today you will outrun, shine your enemies (1 Kings 18: 46).

The hand of the Lord is upon you for greatness.


Watch “Eku Orire. Great Testimony Pt One.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Great Testimony Pt One.: www.youtu.be/56kLpEGr2eM

Last week: Great Testimony!
You will receive great testimony like Sarah (Genesis 21:8). Amen.

God will do a new thing in your life, it is a new dawn (Isaiah 43:19).

What enemies meant to kill you will turn to your testimony like Obededom (2 Samuel 6:12).

Those that ruled you in the past will become your servant and bow at your feet like Potiphar and his wife (Genesis 41).

To receive a great testimony:

You must be a Lover of God like Solomon (1 Kings 3:3).

God praiser not men praiser like David.

You must learn to sow a tangible seed to experience 100 fold testimony like Isaac (Genesis 26:12-14). Jesus is a seed (John 12:24).

Preaching the Word of God to impact life.


I Am the presence of God, the Ark of Covenant if anyone dares to touch me will die like Uzzah (2 Samuel 6:6-7). Amen.

Anyone that wants to take Sunday (Aiku) from me and give me Wednesday (ojoru) retrogression. They should be bury.

Every robber of destiny be arrested by Angelic police.

Every glory detector with evil eyes turns to who enter.

Every “oniyangis” waster of glory, time, of my destiny separate us O Lord. Let them fall down and die.

Every hindrances, stumbling block turn to vegetable.

Pray every prince of your villages, area, borough holding my Blessings paralyse and vomit my riches now (Job 20:15) in Jesus name Amen.


Watch “Eku Orire. Outstanding Breakthrough/Miracles Pt O…” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Outstanding Breakthrough/Miracles Pt O…: www.youtu.be/65r3AhACUxQ

Great testimony is on your way Amen.

Last week Topic: Outstanding Breakthrough / Miracles.

To be outstanding like Deborah, Esther, Elijah, Elisha, David, Joseph, Apostle Paul, Daniel.

1. Courageous like Joshua 1:6-9.

2. Determine like Ruth & Elisha (2 Kings 2).

3. Don’t give up like Esther.

4. Rely on your dream like Joseph (Genesis 39:8-9).

5. Steadfastness like Daniel 6.

6. Generous like Dorcas Acts 9:36.

7. Great worshipper like David, God praiser not men praiser.

8. Honest like Mordecai Esther 6.

9. The man of faith like father Abraham.

Beloved you will stand tall like three Hebrew men, the enemies that say no will paralyse, you will be outstanding among nobles, your head will not lack honey.


If na my papa, mama, broda, sista, uncle, dey do me evil make motor jamu dem.

Any power that say ano go get outstanding miracle both home & abroad make dem turn to vegetable (gbure).

As I stand up, clap my hand, jam my leg on the ground I turn my enemies to mash potatoes.

27-02-2015 Posted on 03-03-2015

If you want to be 73 and above on earth pray for Daddy Adeboye now (RCCG G.O)

Watch “Eku Orire. Winning The Battle of First Born. Pt O…” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Winning The Battle of First Born. Pt O…: www.youtu.be/vRqBcSPp3Lk

Last week Topic: Winning the Battle of the First Born.

Firstborn are entitled to double portion, special privilege, right and authority (Deuteronomy 21:15-17).

Everybody is entitled to the firstborn position if you are in Christ Jesus. You can be the last born like David, second to the last like Joseph, in any position you might be like Solomon.

You must be a lover of God. Having the fear of God and be a generous giver like Solomon.

Avoid sin example Reuben, Simeon and Levi (Genesis 49:3).

Gluttony can rob you of your blessings, don’t spend extravagantly (Genesis 25:31-33).

You must be born again and hide yourself in Christ Jesus the first born of all creatures, the wisdom of God Col 1:15-18.

Can I tell you the truth any position you are in your family? You must fight to receive golden ring.


Father give me portion above my fellows, let me be above only (Genesis 48:22; Deuteronomy 28:13).

Every family embargo be destroyed because am born again.

Every enemies of my blessings receive blindness in Jesus name Amen.


Watch “Eku Orire. When Trouble Come! Pt One.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. When Trouble Come! Pt One: www.youtu.be/r9I6TINzyM0

Last Week: When Trouble Comes!

What do you do? Isaiah 36, 37 & 38 case study. Remember Isaiah 43:1-2 says when you pass through the water and fire HE will be with you.

When trouble comes trust in the name of the Lord, call upon the name of the Lord with singing, dancing & prayer.

If you are not a worshipper, you are a stranger.

Every stranger is a prisoner.

You must act like King Hezekiah (Isaiah 37:1-2). He went into the house of the Lord. He called upon his prophet. Do you have a prophet? Call upon him.

He prayed unto the Lord His God verse 15, Who is your God? (Psalms 115)

Tell your enemies the battle is of the Lord.

Though what the enemy said is true, the challenges you are going through is true but Jehovah God will save you today say Amen.

Jehovah said Fear not, God will send terror to your enemies. The Lord will defend you and you shall hold your peace. The angel of God will destroy your enemies, his people will kill him or her verse 35 & 36.

Are you sick now? You will not die but live (Isaiah 38). About Asa (2 Chronicles 14:9-11), Judah (2 Chronicles 13:13-18), and Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20:1-24).

To a stranger Esther & Mordecai , Daniel & his men. To the prisoners Paul & Silas, for individual Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10). They all called the name of the Lord. Call upon Me in the day of trouble (Psalms 50:15).

Every power holding your glory, money & breakthrough run mad and die Amen.


Watch “Eku Orire. Terrorising Witchcrafts Power. Pt One.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Terrorising Witchcrafts Power. Pt One: http://youtu.be/w95p899T7PI

Last week Topic: Terrorising Witchcraft’s Power!

Beloved surgical operation is of the devil. Anytime there is an operation, witches needs meat and blood.

Cry with Holy anger today against the witches in your family.

To Terrorise them (Psalms110:1-3).

1. Rod of Power not money.
2. Praying continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

God of Jeremiah 23:40 give my enemies everlasting reproach and perpetual shame.

Every witches terrorising you and your family today shall be terrorise and naked.

Obedience Exodus 23:22 God promised to be a terror to your enemies because He is a terrible God (Psalms 47:2).

Fear of God. When you fear the Creator, creatures will fear you.

The tabernacle of God (Psalms 84:10). I will rather be an usher or a cleaner in the house of God than a President of a nations.
The tabernacle of the Lord is Majesty, Honourable, Powerful, Amiable, Prosperous, Healing, Deliverance, Awesome………

If you don’t have Holy Ghost with fire, chief witches in your family will terrorise you. Embrace Holy Ghost today (Acts 16:16). Apostle Paul terrorise all the soothsayer and (Acts 19:19) many magicians converted because Holy Ghost is a great terroriser.

If you need Jesus touch me not (Madarikan Ako) call me later but is not for babies.

In addition to Terrorising Witchcrafts Power!

You need the word Witchcrafts to terrorise Witchcrafts. (Ole lomo Ese ole to lori apata).

W-Word of God (2 Tim. 2:15; John 1:1-5).

I- Immunisation (Col. 3:3; 1 Corinthians 3:16).

T- Time for/with God (Matthew 6:33).

C- Confession (Prov. 23:7).

H- Holy Spirit life wire (Acts 1:8).

C- Christlike/Closeness with God (Jam. 4:8).

R- Revelation from God (Deuteronomy 29:29).

A- Association (Psalms 1:1-3).

F- Faith to Terrorise (Heb.11:6).

T- Thanksgiving (Psalms 100:4).

S- Showers of Blessing (Ezek. 34:26).


Watch “Eku Orire. Overcoming Witchcrafts Power Pt One” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Overcoming Witchcrafts Power Pt One: www.youtu.be/MYWCKmSXvJY

Last week Topic: Overcoming Witchcrafts Power!

Who can overcome witchcrafts power?

Mount Zion – is Deliverance, Obadiah 17 Peace, Healing, Favour, Love, Holiness, Prosperity. Dwelling of God (Psalms 76:2; 1 Corinthians 3).

I am Mount Zion the City of the Living God (Hebrew 12:22).

Every power saying you will be abroad not above die by fire.

Every church witchcrafts – program upon program. Eating upon eating. So called Holy communion, you must vomit it now.

No time for their husband.

To overcome:
1. Run away from sin (Psalm 1).
2. Avoid strange men and women- Samson and Delilah(Judges 16).

The hand of the Lord is against your enemies.

The camp of your enemies will catch fire.

Every power holding you captive summersurt and collapse and turn to vegetable.

3. You need Holy Ghost. Witchcrafts are very bad in Exodus 22: 18. Suffer no witch to live, even king Saul wipe them away.

In New Testament, because of Holy Ghost they were converted Simons the sorcery in Acts 8: 9-13.
The one with blindness Bar-jesus (Acts 13: 6-11).

4. Blood of the Lamb (Jesus ) in Rev. 12:11.


Last week Topic: Destroying Power of Coven!

If you are in the category of people that believe night time is the best time to wage war against enemies you are a baby Prophet, Bishop, or Pastor.


Every witchcrafts coven calling my name or holding my picture destroy and catch fire by thunder of God.

Every witchcrafts strong room, treasury storing my money strike by thunder by force by fire because thunder is the strong god that scared cat (witches).

Let all the gate of hell be opened against my enemies.

I am a lion of the tribe of Ijebu, those that believe in Him gave them Power (John 1:12).

I am the son of the day (Genesis 1:5 & 16).

I am a sun that govern the day.

4. Day and night never meet negativity will not meet me.

You need the night time to hear from your Maker (Job 33:15, Number 12:6).

He promise you to sleep like a baby in the night (Psalms 127:2).

Psalms 91:5-6 proved that Day is more powerful than night destruction versus terror.

Who is in-charge of coven? – Satan.
Who are his rulers? Wicked once’s
What do they produce discord in marriage, sending evil arrow, sickness, diseases… Their food is human being, their water human blood.

5. No Power can eat my flesh and suck my blood and that of my family because my blood is bitter than bitter leaf. According to Isaiah 49:26.

To destroy power of coven you need master automatic devices.

Salvation-Prayer-Humility & Holiness… Ephesians 6:10-18.
Good association (Psalms 1:1-3).

Every garment of afflictions be remove and catch fire.

Henceforth let no man trouble me because I bear in my body the mark of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.


Watch “Eku Orire. Celebrations Time. Pt one” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Celebrations Time. Pt one: www.youtu.be/x4NSuh7GgSI

Last week Topic: Celebration Time!

When long awaited prophecies are fulfilled you will laugh like Sarah and make great celebration like Abraham (Genesis 21:1-8).

When you pass through the water and fire of life like cancer, tuberculosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. You shall triumph and celebrate (Isaiah 43:1-2).


1. Every power that wants me to rotting terminate now.
2. Every power that wants me to die let the thunder of God strike them down.
3. Every power that wants me cripple, God should attack them.

Who can Celebrate? Only the living can celebrate (Isaiah 38:18-19). You must celebrate now.
Everyone is entitled to celebrate, but Job 20:5 says the joy of a wicked, hypocrites, evil is for a moment: so only the righteous have everlasting celebrations.


Watch “Eku Orire. Supernatural Elevation” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Supernatural Elevation: www.youtu.be/3nrH9Pw8ug0

Last Week: Supernatural Elevation

1. From today henceforth the Lord will lift you above your enemies.
2. Your head shall be anointed with fresh oil daily and it will not lack oil of gladness.
3. You will not experience downfall.
4. Your life will be full of honey. No more bitterness.
5. Where others are using ladder you will experience supernatural elevation.

God of Supernatural Located Esther she was elevated to be queen Esther 2.
Deborah was located she became honourable lady, judge and leader of men and women (Judges 4:4).
You will be elevated today, you shall celebrate like Joseph, David, Hannah a joyful mother (1 Samuel 2:8).

You shall eat with Kings and queens, Presidents of nations (Psalms 113:7-9). You need patience.

What can give you…?
1. Grace gives Supernatural Elevation. You will receive Mercy today.
2. God elevate the lowly, Jesus humble Himself to give Him name above all names (Philippians 2: 1-11).


Watch “Eku Orire. Freedom From Bondage Pt One.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Freedom From Bondage Pt One: www.youtu.be/-KvbPAdtK4c

Last Week Topic: Freedom From Bondage!

Are you in the bondage of emotional trauma, financial, indebtedness, addiction …

To have total freedom don’t try to escape if you are not determined (Exodus 5:1-8).

The Spirit of the Lord is Liberty (Luke 4:18, 2 Corinthians 3:17).
You need a Prophet whenever the Israelites are in bondage, God always raise a prophet in the book of Judges.

King Cyrus destroyed the Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar. The Lord will destroy the kingdom of your enemies today.


1. Every graph, microscope, gadget, surveyor, architectural witchcraft monitoring my life must die this year body, soul and spirit.
2. What my hand has started shall be completed this year (Zechariah 4:9).
3. Every giant in front of me be paralysed by the voice of the Lord. (Psalms 29)
4. Every circle of the enemy, evil pattern, family embargo catch fire now.
5. Father kindle my fire daily.
6. I pray those holding you captive let their be confusion in their camp (Isaiah 49: 25-26).

Apostle Adelaja

Watch “Eku Orire. Who Is Holding You Captive? Pt One.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Who Is Holding You Captive? Pt One: www.youtu.be/rmxRy-yUJY4


Last Week Topic: Who is Holding You Captive?

Is it Witchcraft, Occultist (Ogboni), immigration officer, police enforcement, poverty, sickness….

Who can be in captivity? Who can set you free? Psalms 137 says you can’t sing and eat your choice of food in captivity.


1. Every mathematician witchcrafts, calculating calculus against my destiny must die spirit, soul and body.
2. 1 Chronicles 4:10, I pray like Jabez enlarge my territory in all ramifications without pain, sickness , sorrow… this year.
3. Every economical , geographical, scientific enemies that says I will not move forward, let there be earthquake and pandemonium in their camp.
4. Every Jonah, Jonah 1 Korah, Dathan, Abiram (Numbers 16), Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem (Nehemiah 6), evil companionship in the year past in my boat of destiny cast down now!

You need a Prophet, Hosea 12:13, I remember when an evil Pastor cursed me and sent me to a witch house it took another powerful higher rank to remove the curses upon my life then, by quoting Obadiah 17.

Apostle Adelaja



Last week Topic: Uncovering My Talent!

What types of talent do you have?

Are you a dreamer/actor or actress? Every minister of God must be an active player in the spiritual realm.

Who can cover talent/glory/money? Higher Power can cover someone’s glory (Daniel 10:13). G.O can cover Regional Pastor; can cover Provisional; can cover Zonal Pastor…

To uncover your talent in Yoruba mythology they will consult oracle (Ifa) but if you are not in Christ you are in darkness.

Is only in Christ you can uncover your talent (Jeremiah 33:3) and you will be one thousand times better than before.

1. Every power covering my talent/glory be uncovered now.
2. God give me missile defence like Israeli (Psalms 125:1-2).
3. My glory come forth with money, global fame.
4. Anyone troubling my life either occult, witches, wizard, evil pastors henceforth let arm robber and fraudsters take their belongings (Psalm 109:6-11).

Apostle Adelaja


Watch “Eku Orire. Power Of The Tongue. Pt one” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Power Of The Tongue. Pt one: www.youtu.be/1vsyCrRBwlM

Last Week: Power of the Tongue

Proverbs 18:21: Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Proverbs 13:3: You must keep your tongue to preserve your life. To hold your family, to live long and fulfil your purpose you must tame your tongue (Psalms 34:11-14; James 3:5 & 8).

Beloved don’t blame tongue. The engine room is your Heart, out of the abundances of the heart the mouth speaks. God needs your heart, give me your heart my daughter/son (Proverbs 23:26).

God will remove the stony heart and give you the heart of flesh in other to live. Change from your old life. You need Holy Ghost.


1. Isaiah 54:17: Every tongue weapon raise up against me shall be cut off.
2. Lord favor me like Mary, Esther, Elizabeth, Daniel, Dorcas & Joseph.
3. Every satanic conclusion against my life in the spirit ream I cancel it now.
4. Anyone thinking evil or death towards me & my family let snake bites him/her in dream.
5. Every stranger in my life come out now.
6. Pray that you will not fall into the trap of evil man/women (Ecclesiastes 7: 26).
7. Lord open a book of remembrance about me like You did for Mordecai (Esther 6:1).

Congratulations Apostle Adelaja!


Watch “Eku Orire. Weapons of Our Warfare Pt one” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Weapons of Our Warfare Pt one: http://youtu.be/CmQhuGsGX4A

Last Week: Weapons of Our Warfare
The world is full of thick wickedness, human beings are the market of wickedness , anyone that will trade in the market of wickedness must be stronger than Lion. (“Igbo odaju laye, Omo eniyan loja odaju, eni bama na oja odaju ninu Igbo odaju o ni lati daju ju kiniwun lo”)

Every born again Christian must be a lion or lioness. If you are a chicken they will eat you anyhow (Ephesians 6:10-18).

If you don’t serve God another man/ woman will be sleeping with your partner (Deuteronomy 28:30).

1. Jehovah God send helper of destiny to me now, also send someone I will help to me now.
2. My family and I will not be a victim of accident this year.
3. Every curses upon my life terminate now.

If you see anyone fighting with challenges for long is a stinging person!!!


Father give me the spirit of giving.
Weapons of our warfare today (Galatians 5:22-23) to war against verses 19-21.
Love, humility, loyalty, obedient, truth, giving, Wisdom the principal thing.
Jesus is the Wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1: 24 & 30).
You need to be full of the Word God (John 3:34).

Congratulations Apostle Adelaja!


Watch “Eku Orire. Emergency Breakthrough (999) Pt 1″ on YouTube – Eku Orire. Emergency Breakthrough (999) Pt 1: www.youtu.be/UGtI3ljc_5Y

Last Week: Emergency Breakthrough!

What is 999 breakthrough? Who are those that received urgent intervention in the Bible? Mordecai, Joseph, Peter, Paul & Silas, Daniel in lions den…

God has given us open cheque (Jeremiah 33:33; Psalms 50:15). Do you have a cell phone? Do you have your Mobile number? What network are you using? Is your battery fully charge?

Are you saved? Are you Holy? Do you pray and fast regularly? Do you have Holy Ghost? Do you speak in tongues? If you dial 999 the emergency officer will ask for your address or the venue? Are you planted in any ministry? You must be planted to flourish (Psalms 92:13-14).

1. Every evil seed through sex, kiss, drunkenness, I vomit now! (2 Corinthian 6:14)
2. Every power against my inheritance & finances must fall down and die.
3. Every power from the four Cardinal point contending with my marital life must die this year.
4. Father, I receive emergency breakthrough now.
5. Every household wickedness who doesn’t want me to have emergency breakthrough & excel in life recite Psalms 52. If someone die in your family do not cry.
6. Every arrow sent against you and your family back to sender. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja


Watch on YouTube – Eku Orire. Power To Vomit/ Remove Evil Seed. Pt o…: www.youtu.be/9SsCJ1JJHic

Topic: Power to Vomit/Remove evil Seed

All visitors deposit something for you.
Abraham and Angel in Genesis 18:1-14. Any time Angelic being visit you they drop something in your life (Seed)

Remember harvest is always bigger than the seed.
Everybody needs to vomit something – sin. What do you eat in your dream? Life is a seed, Jesus is a Seed (John 10:18).

Matthew 13: Who sow the good seed? Jesus Christ verse 37. Who sow the evil seed? Satan verse 39.

Every evil seed in my system come out now.

1. Lord put all my enemies in affliction of darkness.
2. Let all my enemies receive evil seed that will turn them to vegetables.
3. Evil occurrences should be fall anyone troubling my life.
4. Lord put all my enemies in perpetual pain with evil dream day and night.
5. Every evil hand raise or point against you wither or stand still (1 Kings 13:4).
6. Lord clothes my enemies with filthy garments and let them run mad.
7. Lord allow evil spirit to torment all my enemies like Saul and let their linage be paralyse.
8. East wind of shame blow over my enemies.

Congratulations Apostle Adelaja!


Watch “Eku Orire. Congratulations. Endless Mercy Pt 1″ on YouTube – Eku Orire. Congratulations. Endless Mercy Pt1: www.youtu.be/eEPib1vGFtQ

Topic: Endless Mercy. (Jeremiah 31:17, 29:11, Numbers 23:19)
Lion does not eat steak meat, no matter how the famine may be in the bush, lion will not eat grass. ( kiniun ki je ran ikasi, ko si bi iyanse le mu to nigbo ko ni je koriko ).

Hebrew 10:31: All my enemies will fall into my hand and my hand will be in their neck. My enemies will not know peace henceforth he/she will be like trouble sea.

To experience Endless Mercy Ephesians 4:2.
I am King David today 2 Samuel 12:5, Heart of repentance verse 13
Psalms 103:8-14, Luke 18:10-14.
You must be Merciful Matthew 5:7.
Lover of God a great sinner receive endless mercy. Luke 7:37-50.
Rehab the harlot received endless mercy. Joshua 2, 6:22 & 25.

1. Every hidden covenant made on my behalf troubling my life endless mercy has set me free today.
2. Every Satanic covenant over my life endless mercy said enough is enough.
3. Wind of fear over shadow my enemies.
4. My seed & I will posses the gate of my enemies Genesis 24: 60.
I received over flow of power, anointing…

Can a wicked man/woman receive favour? Isaiah 26:10, John 9:31, Ezekiel 18:21, 33:11.

UK law says you must spend 20 years without criminal record but endless mercy says no, you are qualify under compassionate ground.

You are met to be sentenced to prison but endless mercy say no (Isaiah 49: 25).

You are supposed to die of terminal disease but endless mercy say no live in divine health.

No man/woman will defy you again, because you have become Mountain Zion the City of the Living God you can never be curse, hurt and never be moved.

Congratulations by Apostle Adelaja.


Watch “Eku Orire. Congratulations. Power of Covenant Pt …” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Congratulations. Power of Covenant Pt …: www.youtu.be/gfIez4AU5eA

Topic: Power of Covenant
Some people appeared to me in dream and said am too proud I replied with Jeremiah 9:23, also have been covenanted with the Living God.

No matter how powerful you are, until you have covenant with deity either God or Satan then you will be rest assured. It is better to have covenant with God than Satan because God created Satan.

God is a covenant keeping God (Psalms 89:34).
What covenant do you have? Do you have covenant with snake, cow, tree (Iroko), astral pact, sex, grave, occult, or Satan himself, divination (Ifa) has your “ifa” been to (Igbodu)?

All these form of covenants are waste of time and you are in serious bondage. The only new covenant you need is called testament from Latin word.

The highest covenant is death and blood but Jesus had paid the price Matthew 26:26-28. He gave us eternal covenant Hebrews 13:20.

Conditions: you must be faithful, loyal, trustworthy and reliable. If you don’t fulfil your promise you are in trouble Ecclesiastes 5:4-6.

1. Every blood, sex, kissing, chests covenant be broken today. Colossians 2:14
2. Every grave covenant troubling my life and my finances be destroy today in Jesus name.
3. My favourite prayer against enemies! If my enemies spend thousands upon thousands years on earth I will bury him/her and eat their baked beans.

Give God your heart, covenant your heart with me says The Lord of Hosts. Proverbs 23:26.

Congratulations Apostle Adelaja


Watch “Eku Orire. Power of Manifestations. Pt One.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Power of Manifestations. Pt One.: www.youtu.be/bJXSL3ZjAt0

Topic. Power of Manifestations.
Daniel 3:25 God manifest Himself in the life’s of the three Hebrew men.
God made Himself known to Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 21:16-17.

God will show you great success, water of life, stream of wealth. HE will make you a great nation.
Genesis 26:1-2, God appeared (Manifest) to Jacob the power behind the manifestation is Holy Ghost.

In the realm of Prophecy you need faith. God is Possibility, men is impossibility Romans 4:17.

1. Am unreachable (“Aleiba”) (a king) by the enemies. The elders behind the King makes him untouchable Rev.1:6 & Rev.4:4.
2. Every garment of negativity catch fire.
3. Colossians 1:3, Father I thank you have been delivered from the power & authority of darkness.
4. Every crawling power catch fire.
5. I turn my enemies to bird (ati oro ) he builds houses and never lives in it.
6. Lord make all my stubborn enemies naked (“Ogolonto, kolobo Aiye”) before their enemy’s.
7. Every glory changer… I will not live another man’s life.

Every woman living in a man make him feeble, men living in a woman make her wild and aggressive. These gave birth to gay and lesbian.

8. Every monitoring power mortgaging my life thunder strike them now. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja.


Watch “Eku Orire. Congratulation. Anointing Power of God…” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Congratulation. Anointing Power of God…: www.youtu.be/eRy_mLc7GT0

Topic: Anointing Power of God with Fire.
Some men of God preaching with bodyguards following them. They lack Fire anointing. We have stand by Angelic being all the time Elisha. (2 Kings 6:17)

Fire is a sign of acceptance 2 Chronicles 7:1-3. Solomon’s prayers 2 Kings 1:1 & 1 Kings 18:38.
You need Holy Ghost Fire, if a man is not a carrier of signs & wonders men will say he lacks fire.
You must identify the Prophet that have fire & tap from the current, but is not easy 2 Kings 2: Elisha & Elijah.

1. Father, incubate me with your fire anointing
2. Father, I will not be a victim of negativity.
3. Every power fighting your longevity catch fire.
4. Every power waiting for my night time die today.
5. Turn your enemies to ant lion he will uses his hand to build houses in the morning and use his legs to scatter it in the night. (Guluso)
6. I shall suck the breast of Presidents & mighty & take their tithes like Melchizedek Genesis 14:18-20.

To Pastors, if your members are working and refuse to pay his/ her tithe he or she is your enemy.
7. This year must not pass me by O Lord.
8. Those evil pastors will not die because of disobedient child & they will know there is Power in the blood of Jesus
In the colony of the spiritual you don’t argue.
9. Continent shall await and celebrate my arrival.
I am an enemy to my enemies because I am god. Exodus 23: 22
This month is a month of Bountiful Harvest. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja


Watch “Eku Orire. Congratulations. Power To Make Wealth …” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Congratulations. Power To Make Wealth …: www.youtu.be/-RT-80vnHUU

Topic: Power to make wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18, Isaiah 48:17

Responsibility commands right, audacity-effrontery, boldness very confident attitude like King Hezekiah Isaiah 38:3.

Compulsorily you must give to your Prophet Proverbs 14:23, Matthew 10:41-42.

1. What do you know about your God. Psalms 24
2. Diligent & hard-working you will stand before Presidents of nation.
3. You must be a cheerful and generous giver.
4. Not prayer & fasting alone or binding & casting.
5. Focus on God of prosperity not the architect of your problem Satan. Those that focus on Satan look haggard & sickly.

1. God of durable riches envelope me with durable riches.
2. God of wealth, I receive emergency wealth transfer now, bank draft, on-line transfer, huge cheque now.
3. Lord make me your treasury house.
4. Father let me experience bountiful harvest for the rest of my life.
5. Lord I turn all my enemies to crabs, they will not excel at the edge of their breakthrough.
6. Every destiny manipulator fall down & die & catch fire.
7. Every grave power fighting my finances be open now.
8. Every evil police monitoring & harassing me catch fire now.
9. Every evil meeting taking place in the coven, let there be pandemonium & catastrophe
10. I loose myself from spiritual prison.

Next year is Year of increase. Congratulations Apostles Adelaja.


Watch “Eku Orire. Congratulations. Power To Destroy Sata…” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Congratulations. Power To Destroy Sata…: www.youtu.be/ybcdShun1bo

Topic: Power to destroy Satanic Embargo

My prayers for you today every satanic embargo before you be destroyed now.
Embargo against your fruitfulness, marital life, business, education, between you and light, witch craft embargo in front of you path way.

“Ikun Agba ko dede se gbendu o lowun ta agba je !” I believe in divine health any Pastor that tells you to use drugs is your enemy. Drugs are embargo to your divine health.

Prayer: Every human, demonic, physical agents and Holy war against my destiny be consume by fire.
If you are a man/woman of God and you are not battling with challenges you are not a man of God. 1 Peter 5:10.

Father disconnect the light of all my enemies today put them in perpetual darkness. Jehovah heal me completely today Jeremiah 17:14.
Father crush all my enemies like King Saul because he was an embargo to David. 1 Samuel 31

Father let me continue to enjoy over flow of money all the days of my life.
Fire of God scatter all that plan for my downfall with evil rain.

Next year is my year of increase. All the seeds have sown let there be harvest & increase from this month.

Every confederacy camp again my destiny collapse & catch fire.
Lord erase every generational curses in my family. Colossians 2:14.
Every enemy of my marital life scatter.

Righteous messages to those not living right is a judgement.

Every destiny changer let the spirit of dementia & insomnia overshadow them. E.g I was a great gambler but now a world changer. I kill the killer. I am free. no more embargo, devourer…
Congratulations. Apostle Adelaja.


Topic: Automatic Power of God Remember you are in control of this world Psalms 115:16.

Doors were opened automatically unto King Cyrus. Every doors that has been shut to you in the past will open automatically today Amen.
Sea saw Israelites & fled, Jordan driven back, mountain skipped like ram… Psalms 114.

To receive automatic Power :
1. You must love righteousness & shun iniquities.
2. Fear of God.
3. Obedience to His Words.
4. Perfect love that cast away all fears 1 John 4:18.
5. Make move.

1. Father let me experience automatic Power of God in all my endeavours.
2. Automatic power of God help me from stress of life.
3. Father I received angelic visitation for overflow of money.
4. Jehovah this month I will harvest all the seed have planted in millions folds.
5. Father I command Supernatural breakthrough this month, even if devourer enter it will eat & I will not discover.
6. Every enemies sending arrows to me & afflicting my life be paralysed today.
7. Every devourer of my life catch fire, let me experience divine restoration.
8. Father let favour locate me today.

1. Rebellious.
2. Disobedience.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not sickness will not kill you, you shall not die but live. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja

Watch “Eku Orire. Power To Excell” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Power To Excell: www.youtu.be/9nJndzDT388

Topic: Power to Excel
Power to suck the breast of the mighty, kings & Queens Isaiah 60:16.
Prayer I will suck the breast of President, Kings and satisfy.

Luke 9:1; 10:19

The Lord has given us Power to excel means you show that you are superior, better than your enemies, you surpass other in all ramifications, to be in-charge, dominate, control, higher than your enemies, outstanding 2 Tim 2:19-20.

The Power to excel
1. Faith. Hebrew 11:6
2. Boldness-Courageous
B. Winning Spirit. Numbers 14:24
3. Prayer & Fasting without season.
4: Study the Word of God Joshua 1:8.
5. Diligent & committed to God.
6. Knowing your God, Daniel 11:32b, Micah 4:5
7. The crucial one is Love.

Prayer: By fire by force thick darkness start pushing all my enemies from all angles.
Every enemies of my success, let terror beset him day & night.
Every evil seed inside me, I vomit seed of drunkenness, fornication, evil thoughts, hypocrite & lying…

I command money to run to me now. I receive envelop now, bank transfers now.
Every strong man and woman in my family be paralysis now.

Power to excel Daniel 6:3, Excellent Spirit. Psalm 1, run away from evil people then you shall prosper.

Power to be leader & teacher Psalm 119: 98-100. Henceforth you will terrorise your enemies. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja

Watch “Eku Orire. Power To Subdue & Prevail Over Enemies…” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Power To Subdue & Prevail Over Enemies…: www.youtu.be/jhNqG1-SZVg

Watch “Eku Orire. Power To Subdue & Prevail Over Enemies.” on YouTube – Eku Orire. Power To Subdue & Prevail Over Enemies.:

Topic: Power to Subdue & Prevail over enemies.
Live is a tempest ocean, you are the swimmer you must be watchful, careful & Powerful. Isaiah 45:1. Every gate be open unto me for good.

1. Father, I receive Power to subdue & Prevail over all my enemies like David & Joshua.
2. My Arch enemy will be like trouble sea he/she will not know peace with his/her family.
3. Every evil man / woman that want my down fall, Lord raise enemies against them 1 Chronicle 21:1.
4. Every evil altar & evil priest against my finances cash fire now.
5. Every good things that belong to my family I take them now by force by fire.
6. By force by fire my enemies will be crush down & paralyse today.

Subdue & Prevail simply mean you prove more Powerful or Superior than your enemies. Gaining Victory- To win, triumph. Finish first-succeed- conquer-overcome, Ruling-Reign- Dominate- Continue to exit. Be a champion, silence your enemies.

Judges 3:30 Moab was subdue under the hand of Israel. You will subdue all your enemies.
Judge 4:23 Jabin King of Canaan subdue.
2 Samuel 22:40 enemies were subdue under David.
Judges 11:33 Children of Ammon were subdue by Israel. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja

Eku Orire. Power Of Prayer!

Topic: Power of Prayer!

The thickness of a forest determine the hunter that goes into it. A gigantic dream cost for terrible challenges.

Proverbs 14:19 The Bible says evil bow before the just always, evil women/ men give plenty to evil Priest, but Christian are superglue, she must win.

Potency of Prayer!
James 5: 13-18. Elijah prayed for abundance of rain. I pray for you today your enemy will not experience rain henceforth. Elisha 2 Kings 6:18 Your enemy will be blind today.

The nakedness of God you know give you boldness and you pray less.
You must wage war with the enemy and every forces of darkness, if you don’t wage war in your assembly, then you are not in the right church, but a coven. (Ephesians 6:10)

2 Corinthians 10:3-6. We wrestle against Power. I am a government (Psalm 103: 19).

I am weapon personify, I kill the killer by the Power of Jehovah God because Creator live inside of me 1 John 4: 4. Creature subject to Creator. If legions can live inside a man in Mark 5: 9, then Holy Ghost, innumerable Angelic being live in me because I am Mount Zion Heb. 12: 22.

Prayer: Am a dangerous poison to all my enemies. Am the salt of the world my enemies are snail they will crawl and die mercilessly.

Am a weapon of mass destruction, spiritual nuclear weapon, chemical, atomic bomb, a danger zone to all my adversary. Psalm 27:1-3.

I possess breakthrough weapon of Power for supernatural wealth transfer Proverb 13:23.
I received supernatural open Heavens Deuteronomy 15:7.

If someone hijack your wife/husband he is telling you that your God is useless & vegetable
Micah 4:5.

Let the camp of my enemies collapse & cash fire with their houses 1 Kings 20: 30.

Life is trade by barter (Aragbe laye) Your need a Powerful person at your back. If anyone try to touch any of my family. You will know I have serve satan before 1 John 1:9 will surface. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja

Eku Orire. Power of Dream/Vision. www.youtu.be/N9182PAnEgg

Topic: Power of Dream!
Potency of your dream, Acts 2:17. Dream is a revealer of secrets, it opens your enemies anus. If you have the gifts, you honour, cherish, nurture and make boast of Him Jeremiah 9:23…

In the colony of supernatural Dream is God. The gifts of God is without repentance Roman 11:29. Dream is Romans 4:17.

In Numbers 12:3 Moses, Daniel 2:19, Ezekiel 8. Dream elevate, gives guidance, hope, instruction, encouragement, impending danger and your destiny.

A man without dream is a blind person.
If you don’t work as a youth you will run at old age.

1. Father let your Mighty Hand rest upon me for abundance of rain for supernatural breakthrough.
2. Father send the spirit of Dathan, Korah, Abiram, Sanballat and Tobiah and Judas Iscariot to the grave.
3. I don’t have money for cases.
4. Let there be unquenchable fire in the camp of witches, occults gang up against my family.
5. Open my inner eyes and ear let me see.
6. Lord remember the covenant of prosperity with my father Abraham in Genesis 17.
7. Every maggot sent by the enemies into your life and finances fire of God consume them.
If your Pastor doesn’t encourage you to dream, you are in a coven.

Beloved we need wisdom with our dreams. Ephesians 1:17. Congratulations!

Apostle Adelaja


Watch ‘Eku Orire. Power Of Praise ! On YouTube -Eku Orire. Power Of Praise ! www.youtu.be/npjd3G9t08Y

Topic: Power of Praise! (2 Corinth. 10:3-6)

We don’t war like Iraq – American-Korean. You don’t need voodoo or ju-ju to put your angry husband or wife/mother/father in law to do your biding 1 John 5: 14.
We have confidence in Pray.

Something remarkable/spectacular/tremendous/magnificent will happen in all aspect of your life. I pray for your ministry, let there be increase. You will receive unspeakable joy spiritually, maritally, financially…
Every power holding you back give way Psalm 114.
Your competitor will back off. God will be magnify in your life.
Anyone that hate you will be confounded & be ashamed Psa. 129:5, 56:9. God will disappoint the devices of the crafty in your life Job 5:12-13.
You will excel more than your contemporaries. Men will congratulate & celebrate with you.

You don’t wait until you contacted veneral disease before you use protection. Proverb 1: 23…

A minute to your wedding and you discover that the wife / husband to be is not born again call it off, than house of horror .

If you hear witches, wizard, occults and their cohort and you panic you are not a born again Christian.
If you claim to be born again you must speak in tongue as evidence.
If you claim to be a Christian and you can’t heal the sick, no demonstration of the power of God you are bastard Mark 16:17-18.

The wall of Jericho Joshua 6:1-20.
Paul & Silas Acts 16:25-26.
2 Chronicles 20:15-23.

1. Genesis 49: 3-4. My enemies are Ruben today they will not excel.
2. Every devices and gadgets of my enemies be disconnect from the source. 3. I posses the spirit of Judah today praise & ruler ship. Genesis 49:8. Congratulations Apostle Adelaja.

[30/08 12:12] Adetayo Adelaja: Eku Orire. Unending Prosperity. www.youtu.be/yxFG-fhiR88

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