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With care and without judgement, we provide support for the homeless in different forms, such as financially, emotionally and mentally.

young woman praying intentlyWe at Divine Surgery For The World are supporting homeless individuals to rebuild their lives. We understand that homeless people are struggling with the challenges of hunger, sickness, harm from people’s attack or suicidal attempts. It is our aim to support these people to ensure they are well integrated into the society and valued as humans.

Under our pastoral care services, we provide:

  • Comprehensive understanding of spirituality
  • Education in the role of family in every life’s experience
  • Help to develop a sense of trust and love
  • Listening ears and comforting hands
  • Bible study and group discussions
  • Financial and healthcare support

You can further discuss with us about this service by calling us at 020-846-14813 or sending a message to divinesurgery@yahoo.com.